We are always looking for licensed haulers to do business with. We do require that you meet all state and local requirements to remove and resell "junk" cars in order to sell you leads. In addition to the legal requirements we only partner with companies that have demonstrated great customer service and are a well established business in good standing in their area. Our commitment to great service may start with our website and call center but ultimately its you that meets the customer in the field, its there our reputation will be made. Understand that we thoroughly research the companies we consider partnership with, If you have legitimate complaints filed against you, don't meet ALL state and local requirements, or advertise that you purchase vehicles without titles we will absolutely not be interested in doing business with you. Our standards are high and we expect yours to be to! If you think your company has what it takes then we want to hear from you! Contact us using the form below and we will call to set up a meeting.